Management Accounting

It is not possible to manage efficiently without having complete, timely and quality information about the object of management. Management accounting is necessary for taking management decisions. Management accounting system is considered to be effective if it helps to achieve the company’s goals more quickly and easily with the lowest cost for its developing and functioning.

Management Accounting:

Setting up of management accounting

  • analysis of the current  state of accounting in a Client’s company;
  • determination of completeness and frequency of management reporting;
  • development of a financial model of a Client’s company;
  • development of management reporting forms according a Client’s requirements and specific activity of a Client’s company;
  • implementation of agreed reporting forms;

Preparation of management reports

  • our specialists provide preparation of objective management accounts according to internal standards and requirements of a Client;
  • formation of management reporting of any complexity and detalization;

Development of internal regulatory documents

  • preparation of regulations on the interaction of a Client’s company departments;
  • development of regulations on the primary data collection;
  • development of a company’s financial structure with the allocation of financial responsibility centers;
  • the formation of the principles according to which financial and business transactions are applied to different categories of accounting – articles, accounts and determination of principles of calculating the cost of goods and services, sales amount;

Management audit

  • analysis of the current system of management accounting;
  • analysis of data authenticity included in the management reporting of a Client’s company;
  • evaluation of the adequacy of current management accounting in accordance with a company’s actual business processes.

Advantages for a Client:

  • management reporting is supplemented by financial flows which accounting does not display but reflects a company’s real state of affairs

  • understandable reporting form for the managers and contractors

  •  the efficiency of data provision that ensures the optimal and timely adoption of management decisions

  • outsourcing meets the requirements of effectiveness and impartiality in the preparation of management reporting

How does it work:

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    A Client asks for Outsourcer ‘s help if he has a task or a problem

  • image description

    we develop steps of cooperation and agree them with a Client

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    signing the agreement and provision of services

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    keeping management accounting after setting can be carried by a Client’s employees as well as an outsourcer ‘s ones.