Outsourcing Accounting

If there is something that we cannot do better and cheaper than our competitors, there is no sense to do it at all; we have to transmit this work to those who will do it with the best possible result - one of the laws of successful business.

Outsourcing Accounting:


Services of accounting

  • verification of source documents received from a Client and display them in the accounting system;
  • preparation and submission of financial statements in accordance with the Ukrainian Accounting Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • conducting of regular reconciliations with contractors;
  • administration of a Client’s bank accounts, including preparation of bank payment orders, buying and selling currency;
  • development and implementation of financial accounting policies;

Outsourcing of payroll calculation

  • payroll calculation twice a month;
  • calculation of additional charges (bonuses, overtime, other compensation payments) provided by a Client’s payment system;
  • calculation of vacation allowances, sick pay;
  • final calculation after employees’ dismissals;
  • calculation of the remuneration of employees working under civil contracts;
  • preparing payroll sheets, payslips and their distribution among employees;
  • preparation of references about income at the request of employees;
  • preparation and submission of reports to social insurance fund and to other state agencies;
  • preparation of bank payment list for the salary payroll;

Outsourcing of tax accounting

  • tax audit, which includes determining the correctness of calculation, payment of taxes and displaying them in the reports;
  • choice of optimal taxation system according to the specificity of a Client’s activity;
  • evaluation of the potential tax risks and ways of their optimization;
  • preparation and submission of tax reports, control of timely submission of tax reports and paying of appropriate payments to the state budget;
  • monitoring the changes in the tax legislation of Ukraine and informing a Client about them that may significantly affect his business.


Advantages for a Client:

  • increase in business profitability by reducing service costs of accompanying business processes
  • transfer of accompanying business process for outsourcing allows to direct efforts to main activities of an enterprise
  • the confidentiality of information inside a Client’s company, relationships between a Client and an Outsourcer regulated by contract
  • a Client gets high quality services without keeping the “expensive” accounts department staff

How does it work:

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    a Client determines what kind of area he plans to give for outsourcing

  • image description

    make up a plan of cooperation, coordinate it with a Client

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    sign an agreement with a Client

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    the cost of an Outsourcer’s services is determined individually after a preliminary examination of the accounting state, scope of work and deadlines.